If you are an existing customer in need of technical assistance, get in touch at 212-485-8500.

What kind of business is this?

We’re a little different. We don’t advertise, or accept customers off the street. All our business comes to us by word of mouth, from existing customers. We provide full service personal and small business IT services. If you believe you or your company is a good match for us, get in touch.

Overview of services

– repair and emergency consulting (hardware, software, DNS, email, site outages)
– workflow optimization (workflow consulting, training)
– email (conversion, migration, archiving, discovery)
– infrastructure (network design, installation, security)
– telephony (workflow consulting, menu copywriting/recording, design/programming)
– backup (content retention, email archiving)


We like Linux

“What’s a Linux?” some of our customers say. We tell them “it’s the thing that runs most of the internet that isn’t Mac or Windows”. Why do we like it?It’s open source. “What’s open source?” is usually the second question. It means developed in plain view, inspectable, and sometimes (but not always), free. It’s the …


Red hook Digital is a referral only consulting company. You can reach us at 212-485-8500, however, please note that we rarely accept new customers without a referral from an existing human connection.