We like Linux

“What’s a Linux?” some of our customers say. We tell them “it’s the thing that runs most of the internet that isn’t Mac or Windows”.

Why do we like it?
It’s open source. “What’s open source?” is usually the second question. It means developed in plain view, inspectable, and sometimes (but not always), free.

It’s the thing that makes it possible for us to deliver reasonably priced, sturdily secured tech to you.

That’s why we like it.

Do we dislike Mac and Windows? Absolutely not. We take pride in supporting all platforms, at the server or workstation level. We believe there is a tool for every job. And it is our job to understand our customers, and find them the tools to do their jobs with ease.

People have all kinds of beliefs when it comes to operating systems and hardware manufacturers, and rarely are they all-inclusive. While we certainly have preferences and opinions of our own, we do not discriminate when it comes to our customers’ software or hardware choices. We will do our best to support whatever it is you’re using.

We might, however, give you the honest scoop on the implications of using your technology, so you can continue to use it with your eyes open — or find something that better aligns with your values.

In the odd event that we’re not experts in some alien technology, we will help you find an alien who is. While we know a whole lot about technology and its users, we will never pretend to know things we don’t. We’re busy enough solving riddles within our realm of expertise.

Your job, as our customer, is to understand your needs and priorities. Our job is to translate your vision into a streamlined implementation using available technology and creative workflow design. And if you don’t know what you need, our mission is to help you discover it, step by step. Our priority is to make your technology like good digestion — you shouldn’t even feel it’s there, except for an occasional feeling of contentment.

In the grand scheme of things, whatever you use your technology for should be what you remember of your day.

All that said, in the process of working with us, you might hear us mention Linux from time to time. Don’t be afraid, we won’t ask you to learn it. It is our hope that, by and by, you also might begin to appreciate Linux, the quiet water running deep inside much of the technology you use every day — and the enormous global community of volunteers who make its development possible.