Workflow Optimization

It is vital to productivity to always know where your files are, who can access them and that they are safe. An organized environment is a productive one. Let us evaluate and streamline your working environment and make sure your business is performing at top capacity.

We offer:

- content management (images, audio, e-mail)
- contact and calendar sharing
- file sharing (within or outside your network)
- filemaker database design
- remote connections between your home and office or from anywhere in the world
- font management, font server
- system and application tutorials and lessons

Technology moves fast these days. Software upgrades may involve conflicts and create downtime for your team. We offer consulting to cross-check your environment before any such purchases and foresee additional issues and cost.

Let us keep your team abreast of the changes to software and train them to be ready before the upgrade. Minimum downtime head-start preparation for maximum performance.