Policies and Cost

All work is performed on an hourly basis. All rates and deadlines must be agreed upon before work is begun.

Every project will have an hourly limit which will not be exceeded without your authorization.

Payment is due upon receipt of your equipment or completion of on-site work.

All transportation of your equipment to and from your location and to and from our offices will be billed to you. You will be informed of and your approval will be sought for all cost before it is incurred.

We accept cash, company checks, all major credit cards, and wire transfers.

We serve the New York City area. Any travel outside this area requires special arangements. Please contact us for details.

Web work and graphic design can be performed for clients worldwide. Contact us for details.

You would think overnight processing would cost more than regular on-site work. However, submitting your machine for overnight processing can save you money. We charge a flat rate for all data transfers done on our premises, because we can devote our attention to other projects during the data transfer. This means if your transfer time exceeds the cost of transporting your machine to and from our offices, you save money.