Backup Services

Needless to say, losing data is detrimental in most cases. Not to mention the prospect of data recovery cost. There is only one remedy and there are no ways around it.

Investing in a backup system is an absolute must for any business. But we believe a backup system is like digestion - if you feel it, it's no good. It must be invisible and effective.

We offer:

- automatic network backup server for the whole office
- automatic, bootable portable backup for laptops
- automatic local bootable backup for desktop computers with large amounts of data
- remote monitoring of all backup systems

Network backups are more affordable and can take care of many computers at one time. Bootable local or portable backups are byte-by-byte clones of the original, updated nightly. These systems allow a minimum recovery time in case of failure. We make sure the type of drive used is appropriate for the machine being backed up so it can be swapped into the machine in case of failure of the original boot drive.